Dr. KV Harish Prashanth

"The decision to use nevendo ( product of corbel business application pvt ltd) services previously for our 8th IFCoN (2018) & 27th ICFoST (2019) event recently has been a brilliant move for us as organisers. The app was available one month before the event, which helped us to communicate various changes to delegates before and during the event. The most helpful service for us was the abstract management module. Handling numerous abstract papers was very difficult before, but with the services from nevendo it was easy to track, assign and approve the abstract.The approved abstract were displayed in the app promptly. A technical personal from their office was present at the venue throughout the conference which we highly appreciated. I recommend nevendo to all my contacts and desire to work with them in the future. "

Hon. Secretary , AFST(I), ICFoST

Dr. Muralidharan PC

"We used nevendo services for the first time in the IAPMR doctors Conference held at Calicut, Kerala. Within two weeks the app was up and fully functional and I have to say it transformed the conference hype to another level. Real-time integration of delegates into the app and Spot badges helped us reduce traffic at the counter. The Quiz feature in the app was very engaging for delegates and certificate automation reduced a lot of organizing work for us. I would happily recommend nevendo services to all my contacts and wish to work with them in future conferences. "

Organizing Secretary, IAPMRCON 2020

Dr. Rajesh Rajan

"I could not be happier with my decision to select team nevendo to launch IACCCON2019 Mobile app. I was amazed at their ability to quickly build the Quiz module into the app over night to adapt to our requirement.Their understanding of the big picture helped in so many ways. Our Conference was executed with a high degree of professionalism and technical expertise. We would be happy to work with nevendo again and we hope the opportunity presents itself."


Dr Mohamed Shafiq K

"nevendo team displayed a wonderful work culture, during our conference, IACCCON 2019. They were beside us, updating the schedule as we had to change the Speaker, Topic and time according to the convenience of the faculty. The enthusiasm they showed in modulating the application according to our need was commendable. Practically it was like materialisation of the instant ideas that pop out of our mind. During a medical quiz session, we had in our mind that, it would look better if the results are displayed so and so; and within minutes it was there on the screen. The power of coordination helped the smooth completion of the event. Our sincerest gratitude for taking on IACCCON 2019 with such enthusiasm, energy and keen attention to detail. We are lucky to have such a buddy for the event. Thanks Again !"

Hon. National General Secretary, - Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists

Ms. Hoang Thi Lien

"We developed a great partnership with the App team. The dedication and support by the team for and during the conference was remarkable. Their creative approach and personal touch gave branding to our event. This app is special in that it provides data of all past events as well. Priceless feature. Successfully implemented at our conference in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. We will continue to use this app for all our future conferences."

Executive Director, International pepper conference

Mr. Gulshan John

"Thanks to this conference app, conduct of the International Spice Conference ISC 2017 was very smooth and efficient. The PPT download feature and the B2B meeting automation were exceptionally good. In the post event survey, 100% of the delegates said they would like the app next conference too. Even months after the conference, delegates are continuing to use the app for accessing various information"

Chairman, International Spice Conference

Ms. Mai Oanh Nguyen

"It was a great experience using this conference app for our last conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The profile of the conference definitely got a boost. Managing the conference became very easy. Highly recommended for such conferences and events."

Secretary, Vietnam Pepper Association

Mr. Govind Venuprasad

"We have used this app for SITA conference in Rwanda and found it very good. Have also used the same during other conferences as well. I congratulate the Corbel team for conceptualising such an efficient, productive and user friendly app. "

Organisor, International Trade Centre

Mr. Ashutosh Inamdar

"The organisers of IFCon are very grateful to the nevendo team for facilitating us with such a user-friendly app to conduct our annual conference. Great app and even better support by the team. Abstract Management module saved a lot of manpower and headache. I will be coming back to use it next year."

Organisor, IFCon

Mr. MSA Kumar

"This conference app was successfully used in the last two conferences of Tie Kerala. It not only made the conduct of the event very efficient, it also gave a high tech flavour to the conference. The Question-Answer module was exceptional and made the seminars more participative by the delegates"

President, Tie Kerala