Hassled by the organising activities???

Organising an event has never been an easy task. A never-ending list of tasks delegated to multiple people makes execution and monitoring, a nightmare. nevendo can take this monkey off your back by automating all activities related to organising the event. No more manual handling of registrations, collecting money, issuing a confirmation, issuing invoice, printing & distribution of badges, managing the crowd at the registration counters during the event, etc.

nevendo gives you more control, makes you more efficient and gives you more free time.  Meanwhile, your delegates get all information at their fingertips through our mobile app.  Not only your event execution becomes easier and more precise, but the event itself will also get a facelift as it will become tech-enabled. Launched in 2016, nevendo has successfully powered many events worldwide. nevendo is loaded with features to meet your wide range of requirements. However, the beauty of this software is that it is highly customisable.